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SW QA Engineer

Location: Portland, OR Metro Area

Experienced in front-end programming with a strong knowledge of computer science, and information systems fundamentals.


  • Various testing of features implemented prior to public release; e.g. positive/negative testing, out of bounds testing, exploratory testing

  • Most frequent responsibilities include logging bugs for unexpected/unwanted behavior, creating Agile stories for new features, and validating bug fixes and stories implemented by developers

  • Responsible for finding existing, or creating new test coverage for expected product behavior, or behavior that was patched out

  • Works directly with developers to communicate high priority bugs, clarification on reproduction steps, testing bug fixes before patch release

  • Frequent maintenance of knowledge base wiki; product behavior documentation, how-to articles for internal and external tools

  • Access to project source code using Git to investigate issues in which viewing the source can be insightful to unusual behavior, primarily C/C++/C#, as well as HTML and CSS

  • Experience with test automation using Gherkin, and writing out Gherkin steps in C#


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